Website is Coming Down

Hello all,

I’m not sure how many people will ever see this message but if you are visiting this website to check out the progress of the Chariots of Heaven Saga of Books I’m sorry to say this will likely be your last visit to this website.

The book writing continues, although more often than not in my non-fiction efforts rather than my fiction endeavors. I still plan to continue the CoH series and still plan to publish the other novels I’ve been working on as well, but my interest and my time are currently being spent on other avenues of expression through writing. I invite anyone interested in what I’ve been working on recently to visit

Because this website rarely, if ever, has any visitors I’ve decided it is not worth my time (or money) to keep it up and running. It has been over 7 months since my last entry which indicates to me that I’m unlikely to need it for another year.

I invite anyone interested in contacting me to send me an email at or to follow me on twitter @R_T_Edwins

I sincerely thank you for reading my books and hope that you will continue to do so once the third installment,

    the Fall of Heaven

is available for purchase. I hope above all else that you found the first two books interesting and entertaining.


I’m still alive, I promise

I can’t believe that it’s been almost three months since I last posted anything on here. To my readers, I apologize for my absence. Some very amazing and difficult things happened to me shortly after the last post at the end of September. October and November have very possibly been the most difficult two months of my life. I don’t really want to delve into too much detail about that here, but suffice it to say that I have gone through a lot of new and difficult experiences, and I think I’ve ultimately changed as a person since then.

Have no fear, however! I am still alive and kicking, and the writing is still happening. It did screech to a pretty blatant halt during the span of the last couple months but I still have every intention of finishing the Chariots of Heaven Saga, as well as launching my serial novel. Now that I am no longer working two jobs and putting in 50+ hours a week I’m going to be dedicating more of my time and efforts back into my creative writing because we all need to know how these stories play out!

I have no news about any projected launch dates but as I do more writing and work further into the serial novel project I will make announcements as they come in. Thank you all for your readership and support, I greatly appreciate each and every one of you.

With kind regards,
R.T. Edwins

The Path Winds On…

Hi all!

just wanted to check in and let you know that things are progressing, little by little, with the serial novel I’m writing. I’ve nearly completed the second part and will begin working on the third.

Due to the slower progress (stifled by the need to work 50 hours every week) I’ve decided that I’m going to change the release schedule of each part to once a month instead of every two weeks. This was decided in part from some helpful advice of an author who has had great success with serials and the general lack of time to write each week. I am hoping that as fall turns into winter, I will have more opportunities on the weekends to stay in and write, as opposed to the constant activities that have been going on for the last 12 weeks or so.

I really like how the story is currently progressing and believe that my readers will enjoy it as well.

As for the Chariots of Heaven Saga I’ve still been tinkering with it a bit and have continued to outline the next book for when inspiration hits me to work on it. In the meantime I’ve decided to rework the covers with a more professional look (have even found an illustrator I’m going to use) and I’m working to have both books moved to larger distribution avenues (to include places like Kobo, Sony, etc.). Since I am an independent writer (without a publisher) all of these details require my attention and work, so I hope you’ll keep checking back for my progress. Each of my readers is very dear to me and I truly appreciate all the wonderful feedback I’ve been given for my writing. This truly is my dream job and I’m working as tirelessly as I can to make it something I can focus more time and energy on.

Until next time, keep reading (it’s good for you) and keep sharing my books with your friends.


A Trip Down Serial Lane…

Hello all! I hope each of you is having as wonderful of an August as I am. I am happy to announce that not only have sales and downloads of the Chariots of Heaven saga been doing well but my weekly writing output has increased dramatically. What many of you might be slightly disappointed to hear, however, is that despite writing nearly a 1,000 words a day this writing has not been on the Chariot of Heaven saga. (Have no fear, the third book is being worked on and will be written in due course)

In fact, my sudden inspiration and drive to write has manifested in the form of a Serial novel I’m going to be releasing in the coming months on Kindle and iBooks/iTunes (*Note* I’m officially updating my plan from the previous novella idea to that of a running serial novel). As of right now that novel has over 17,000 words written on it and the first “episode” is already in the editing stages. The current plan for this serialized novel is going to go a bit like this:

I am going to prepare the first four “episodes” of the novel over the coming weeks with the hopes of having them edited and ready to publish before the fall reading buzz wears off. Once those four parts are ready (each one will be about 15,000 words a piece, or around 50 pages) I will begin publishing them every couple weeks while I continue to write the remaining episodes. The first episode will be FREE for anyone to download and each successive part after that (likely to be about 10 parts, possibly more) will be listed at $0.99. Once the story is complete and the last part is published, my wife and I will work on combining all the parts into an omnibus that can be purchased either as an eBook or as a print book for those who don’t wish to partake in the serial/episodic unfolding.

The story has a title, but for fear of someone snatching it up, I’m going to simply refer to this novel as “The Scourge Project” for the time being. The project itself is a fantasy/horror set on Earth around our current time (perhaps a bit in the future) and the blurb for it will look something like this:

“Awaking from a deep slumber, the peculiar Sophie finds herself to be the only hope of stopping a terrifying darkness that’s quickly consuming the population and turning the Earth’s inhabitants into the undead. Plagued by the loss of her memory, she must work with a mysterious group called the Red Diocese to remember who she is and where she comes from because within that knowledge may lie the key to overcoming the rising tide of evil.”

The blurb will likely change some (it needs improvement, for sure) and will have greater detail as more of the story unfolds during my writing sessions. I sincerely hope all of my readers will at least check out the first episode once it is published (since it will be free) and will find the story compelling enough to read it as it unfolds.

Thank you for coming to my website and for reading my post. Please don’t forget to tell your friends about my books, and if you ever wish to contact me directly please feel free to email me at


Redirection of Concentration…

Hello all,

I’ve decided that in order to keep the creative juices flowing that it’s time for me to redirect my concentration to some of my other projects. What this means is that while I still have every intention of writing the third Chariots of Heaven book (I’ve even already got about 7,000 words down) I just haven’t had the motivation to work on it. Perhaps it is just the inherent fickle nature of the muse, but lately I’ve only really found motivation to work on my side project currently called “The Scourge.”

Over the past few days in particular this project has become an all-consuming obsession and the desire to write, which was previously stifled by the thought of continuing the Chariots of Heaven series, has come back in full force. I literally spend every minute of my day at work (yes, that pesky day job is still hanging around) wishing I could be at home working on the story. I can’t remember the last time I wrote three days in a row, and yet, I’ve done that this week already. As such, I’ve taken it as a sign that my efforts are best spent writing and hopefully completing this side project in the coming weeks/months. At the rate I’m going right now, the very first installment of the story could be ready as soon as thanksgiving, but I’m definitely not falling into the trap of making such promises like I did with The Splitting of Heaven.

Luckily for my readers, however, this new project will be unfolding differently than the previous two efforts. Instead of publishing full length novels at 90,000 words and above, I’m going to be releasing this series as novellas. The reasoning behind this is that I’d like the books to come out more frequently so that my audience continues to have new reading material every few weeks or months. As it is right now, The Fall of Heaven (the third Chariots book) is unlikely to be finished before next summer and that is unacceptable to me.

I certainly want to keep the Chariots of Heaven series going as it has been, with full-length novels coming out every year or so (sorry, it just takes a long time to get that much writing/editing done.), but while I’m working on those, little by little, I’d like to fill my other evenings/weekend hours working on the novella series. If things go to my currently projected plan (really more of a vision than a plan, since plans almost never turn out the way you want), I suspect I’ll have time to complete 2 or 3 novellas in the Scourge series before the next Chariots book launches. Obviously, I can’t make that a promise, but if the muse keeps kicking down my door and insisting that I write every night then it might not be that unrealistic.

While I can’t give too many details, this new series will be set on Earth, around our current time period (2014ish) and will take place in various parts of the world. The premise will be that a group of archeologists awaken an ancient evil that’s been laying in wait to unleash a scourge of undead upon the planet (and I don’t mean just zombies, although there will be some of those). The only thing that’s standing in its way is a young girl (or so she appears) named Sophie and the peculiar Red Diocese which has been watching over her for centuries.

That’s all I care to tell for now, but I may decide to post some excerpts on the personal blog (link is available under the Blog link above) if you care to check it out pre-publishing.

As for the charity effort I mentioned previously, my attempts have been somewhat in vain. None of the other authors that I thought might be interested in participating have signed on or showed any interest, so I’m alone in the effort. So, I announce with some reservation that the remainder of August’s royalties will still be going to the Children’s Defense Fund: Freedom Schools program, but after that the Novels for Charity program will have to remain in dormancy.

Perhaps when I have a larger audience and a bit more clout in the publishing industry I will try to reinvigorate the effort.

That is all I have for now. Thank you for stopping by and please don’t forget to tell your friends and family about my writing. Word of mouth is the most powerful promotion tool in any author’s belt.

-R.T. Edwins

All is well…

Hi all! Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to update and say that things are going well with The Splitting of Heaven’s release. The sales are coming in everyday, which is more than I could have hoped for, really, considering the lack of promotion I’ve done. So far iTunes/iBooks seems to be the champion avenue for my continuing readers, which isn’t much of a surprise since I have a larger audience there than on Kindle/Amazon. With that being said, I certainly hope any of my kindle/print based readers are spreading the news about the second installment being available. I did receive reports of Amazon sending out an email to some of my readers, which made me feel special, so that’s good news, at least.

Otherwise, I haven’t quite started working on the third book (I know, some of you are probably groaning at your computer screen as you read this) but that’s because I’m taking a much needed break from writing/editing. Have no fear, this break won’t last for long (a few weeks at the most), but as I settle into my new daytime job, and tie up some loose ends with the old one, I think I’ll find more time to write. I certainly feel much less stressed about work than I did previously and my mind has been putting the pieces of the next book together while I recuperate from the grueling task of publishing/changing jobs.

I’ve also found that one of my pet projects, currently codenamed “the Scourge” (because who doesn’t need codenames in day-to-day life, am I right?) has been bouncing around my mind a lot lately and I’ve unlocked a few more aspects of that story. I’m quite excited to eventually get to write that story, because I think it will be a great deal of fun for both me, and my readers.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. I will post again when I start working on the third book, and I anticipate that before the end, I will post some excerpts from it on my personal blog (which can be found via the “blog” tab).

Thanks for stopping by! And don’t forget to tell your friends and family about my writing! =)


The Splitting of Heaven is finally available on iTunes/iBooks

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by. I am pleased to announce that The Splitting of Heaven is now available to buy on iTunes and iBooks. It went up sometime last night, so please let your friends and family know that they can finally read the second book in the series on their iPads/iPhones.

Also, don’t forget to rate/review the book on Amazon or iTunes once you finish it so other people can know what you thought. =)



Book II Status Update 6/10/2014

Hi all! Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to write a post to update everyone on the status of The Splitting of Heaven. The book is currently available to purchase on CreateSpace (the print version), Kindle, and Amazon. I’ve also submitted the book to Apple, but they are taking forever to actually publish the book, so it’s still being reviewed. I apologize for that delay. Were it in my control, I’d already have the book up on iTunes/iBooks for everyone to download, but alas, we all must wait.

Initial sales so far have been good, especially considering how little marketing I did for this release. With that being said, things could still pick up and I suspect they will once Apple gets their ducks in a row, but I’d love your help with this endeavor. If you know of anyone who’s read the first book, please let them know the second one has been released (or is being released, pending Apple’s approval). Many people have been getting emails from Amazon about the release, but I’m not sure how many of those people actually read their Amazon emails.

Otherwise, if you’d like to introduce people to the series, please feel free to share a link to this website or my books on Amazon. You never know, maybe one of your friends would really love the books as much as you did, and the first eBook is FREE, so they have no risk to join along. =)

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’ll write again when the book goes live on Apple.


The Splitting of Heaven is available on Kindle!

Hi all, just wanted to update everyone and let you know that The Splitting of Heaven is now available to purchase on Kindle, so please be sure to check it out.

Apple is in the works but it might be a few days before it’s ready for sale (they have a lot more hoops to jump through), so please keep checking back. I will make an announcement on here when it’s up on the iBooks store.

Thanks for reading!


The Splitting of Heaven is available for purchase!!! (print)

I am happy to announce that the print version of The Splitting of Heaven is available to order. The Kindle version is soon to come and then the iTunes eBook will be up later this week. I apologize that all three can’t be ready at the same time, but I’m handling all the publishing/formatting myself while starting a new daytime job so I hope you can understand the delays. I’m hoping that the Kindle version will be ready tonight if not tomorrow morning.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to tell any of your friends who may have read the first book. Since I didn’t do a kickstarter this time around, the marketing budget it somewhat limited, so please spread the word! Thanks so much for reading! =)